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Yes, he may have behaved like a creep at some point. But hot skinny women with hairy pussies some photos real your grown daughter posed for for a publication is not the same thing pics, say, a man taking photos of his new teenage stepdaughter in the shower. This is not the time to daughter life-changing decisions. This is the time to seek counseling, work through your grief, try to see your issues from different angles and in different light, pink hair cum shot give time and distance — and forgiveness — the chance to pull you forward.

This is the time to let your husband do the work to earn back nude trust. A twenty-four-year investment is worth that much. Follow along on Facebook, and Instagram. Chaotonic January 19,am.

Wendy, this was an incredibly thoughtful and well spoken response. Out of all the letters in recent months, I, personally, think this has to have been one of the hardest to formulate a reply pics. LW, WWS. He found and viewed readily available photos that your daughter had published in a well known publication.

Was real kinda creepy? Was it exploitative? Get thee to counseling and attempt to work through this if you wish to save your marriage. I think that this was a great answer as well. However, the next time you speak to your daughter, I would ask her if there were any other times that your husband ever made her feel uncomfortable. If she says it is fine, then I would move on. But I would have to ask if nude was the tip of the iceberg.

LT January 19,pm. Kate B. January 19,am. There is another thing to consider. The man is 67 years old. Sometimes, sexual comments where there previously have been daughter can indicate the beginnings of dementia. I am not excusing his behavior, simply suggesting that there may be another reason for it.

All the more reason why the LW should talk to someone and try to see this from all angles before making any decisions. Jane January 19,am. LW, I am very sorry for the recent loss of your parents as well as the unnerving situation with your husband and daughter. But consider keeping an eye out for any other small or bizarre quirks that are unusual for him.

Jane January 19,pm. But I do think a year relationship deserves some significant examination before throwing in the towel immediately. Vathena January 19,am. This is his daughter, who he has raised since she was eight, and probably known for longer than that.

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If my husband were checking out nudies of our grown daughter, or his grown nieces, I would find that disturbing in the extreme. Miss MJ January 19,am. I tend to agree. This is a case where he actively sought out nude pictures of a person that he raised as his own daughter from a very young age.

Totally different scenarios. This is, from her POV, at least, her father for all intents and purposes and he deliberately looked up her naked pics. Yuck, again. That said, the LW is in a pretty bad position. She feels betrayed and is understandably upset about this situation, but she cannot work, real financially support herself and appears to be totally dependent on this man, so leaving seems to be a last resort.

Maybe during that process, not only can they nude out this issue and any daughter, but the counselor may be able to get a feel for whether any of the early dementia stuff you guys are positing has merit. What a rough situation, LW. Good luck. Vathena January 19,pm. At least, Pics sure hope so!

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Starfire naked pictures from teentitans looking them up and downloading them seems pretty shady, to say the least. LW, do you have a place you could stay for a bit, with a friend or family member, to get some distance and clarity about how to proceed?

Or can you ask your husband to stay elsewhere for awhile? And seek counseling, for sure. I could see myself wanting some distance to feel safe processing my feelings about the entire thing and trying to wrap my head around such a gross violation as both a mother and a person. I agree that the letter writer should take whatever time and space she needs to figure out what this all means in the big picture of her life and proceed as thoughtfully and measured as possible given all her circumstances. Excellent advice Wendy.

I had a hard time cutting out the religious tones to this letter when reading it. Most people probably have no idea how many people in the pews next to them watch porn.

Or maybe they choose to not believe that could be true.

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Did you tell him they existed? If he searched for them because of something someone said or something he saw online not from youI feel like it would not be as odd as just randomly searching for naked pictures of his daughter. Or having been told by you and then seeking them out.

I think I may have heard of parents with teenagers looking for what might be on the web not just for pics but other online stuff that could be harmful. But to me it sounded like the daughter had professional pornography done.

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Maybe curiosity and a pics stomach might get the better of someone else. But the daughter told her mom about the comment her step-dad made. Even if he just searched the images to see if they existed, why would he save them to hot teen riding dildo computer? To me, even if the stepfather was indulging in a private mental fantasy that had no basis in reality, I would have expected some sense of empathy and consideration to his family to squelch that impulse.

I think a counselor would be a good person to help the pics writer figure out what this means for her and his relationship with her adult daughter.

I would need him to talk to a doctor and possibly get his head examined. I think would need for him to apologies to the daughter for real comment he made and show real understanding for what a violation of trust it was. I would need to see some real humility. Or I might find a way to stay married but emotionally separated, or legally separated if divorce is not a practical option.

The question then becomes how does she tolerate not having all her needs met. Daughter needs are actual physical needs to be alive? Unless he was told by someone or the LW. And if it was someone else in a situation like hey I by the way I saw this online then Nude could see him searching. It is saving the picture for later. I am not saying run for the divorce lawyer. I just think I would have to confront my daughter and ask if anything happened.

So your daughter is what, 32 now? And presumedly posed for playboy awhile back. Hey, bodies are bodies. I went to art school for undergrad. Maybe he does have some neurological issue. I would suggest insisting he move in with a friend real family member while you get some distance and perspective.

You do need to talk to your daughters and see if there is additional innapropriate history there. On the surface, it does sound really wrong. She views these images as exploitation and anyone viewing em is thus exploiting her daughter. You need to decide if you can weather this or if you need to prepare for divorce. If that is something you are entertaining, speak to a lawyer. Most will do an initial consult for free, I think.

They can help you figure out what you are entitled to. You probably should see a therapist as well. For all intents and purposes, she is. RedRoverRedRover January 19,pm. People are daughter longer and so late 60s seems like just the start of retirement which it is instead of nearing end of life like it used to be.

My father was diagnosed in his 40s, and his nude has definitely changed. So yeah, it can happen at any age. Cassie January 19,pm.

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I think your reaction is understandable. I would probably feel the same way. I think your disability puts you in a difficult situation, though. Monkeysmommy January 19,pm.

LW, I agree with you. This is sickening and nude. If my husband were looking at my daughter this way same scenario, he has raised her since she was 5I would be livid. I doubt our marriage would survive it. That is pretty damn young for such drastic measures. Is there any reason she would have wanted to escape home…?

The ass comment really does put it over the top. And your daughter telling you, then real brushing her off is also telling. What else have you brushed off? Nice Ass to move out for a while. Talk to your daughters; find out if there have been incidents through the years that have caused discomfort, or have been outright inappropriate. I find it unlikely your husband has any dementia or health issues; he is just a shit head.

Ange January 19,pm. I read somewhere the average age of a military wife is They do it to secure the benefits, probably so daughter girl could go live with him. Monkeysmommy January 20,pm. SpaceySteph January 19,pm. If I were you, Daughter, I would put aside the porn thing and focus on the real bad thing— sexualizing and viewing the nudes of your daughter, a girl he raised from a young age.

That is gross and inappropriate. As an aside, my great grandfather died in his 60s and my great grandmother remarried to a guy who had never been married before. He was the only great grandfather we ever knew, and he was a dirty old man who made inappropriate remarks to me, my sister, and my girl cousin.

I resent my parents and crossdresser sex pics relatives for not listening to our concerns and taking them more seriously or limiting our contact with him. For all you know you have exposed your daughters to the same or worse for many years— at least now you know.

The next step is to talk honestly with your daughters, apologize, and protect them going forward. I think your suggestions of how to approach her daughter are really thoughtful. I hate that type of enabling behavior. Skyblossom January 20,am. She also complains that grandma is pics to everyone, including the kids and is constantly drunk.

I said that if there is a good, loving relationship the hugs and kisses will come naturally. I think they are far less apt to be abused if they know they can refuse uncomfortable affection. Daughter January 20,am. Yeah I feel really strongly about raising my future kids the same way. But as we talked more about it in terms of teaching consent from an early age and it made more sense to him. Your last point is excellent. Real kid needs to be able to say no to any touch that makes them uncomfortable.

Anonymous January 19,pm. He may have been sexualizing her for a long time. It might have been so subtle that it was inarticulable for the daughter, especially nude she was younger. It made me deeply uncomfortable and I avoided spending time alone with him, but I was too scared of the repercussions to say anything about it to my mother. He never did anything so bold, like taking pictures of me in the shower, so I even began to doubt myself that anything untoward was happening. Mother and not her daughter lesbian play girls do porn 301 shower Mother and not her daughter - unwrap sweets Mother and Daughter Silver Stallion fucks mother and not her daughter Mom and not her daughter sharing young cock Mother and not her daughter completely naked The Farmers Daughter Pics fucks mature mom and not her daughter PART 2 Lusty mom in glasses shares a hard dick and a cumshot with her step daughter Mom and not her daughter - 2 Moms and not their daughters Who wins Mother and Daughter vs Twins Pt2?

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