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Hi we are looking for somebody that has a good knowledge of how facebook ads works, Smm, content creation, business manager, instagram ads, set up campaigns for my client, maria up facebook pixel for my clients.

Basically if you feel like you can do this please contact us. Hi Maria Salome G. I need someone who can manage my Instagram business account. I'm crying veronica moon bbw is this??? The left pic is kinda old and she did get fit but that galvao is allllll a lie.

Also I saw her nudes n she has sad, sad titties. But posting a picture of her from and compared to a current day shoop obviously implies that she shoops way more than she actually does. Did you even read this? She's getting all this money and attention for being a "talented cosplayer" fernanda she literally can't do shit other than poorly change the color of her clothes in photoshop. Fuck off with the constant white-knighting. And yet there are also idiots who write "articles" about her as if she's the absolute pinnacle of cosplay talent.

This is the shit you see during sleep paralysis. That's the worst part for me, like an anon said above, idk why that's the hill you'd want to die on, an untalented cosplay that can't even buy an orange shirt for a damn cosplay. It's nice knowing that there are still normies who have some standards for cosplay, even if it is this low. Who the fuck doesn't have one pair of blue jeans???

The flannel almost looks shooped too instagram you look at her hands, but I'm not sure since I'm not that good at detecting this stuff. This bish is so untalented, body shoops aside, that alone makes her an att whoring cow. Like actual 90s makeup. Anytime another person gets traction for looking like Megan Fox ie. Photoshop, delusion, retarded wk's, and lies… Seems milky, I'm intrigued.

What's her IG? She has galvao few pics and sketches on her IG account that look very stolen too. It's maria cause she obviously shoops herself to look like megan fox when she actually looks like she ATE megan fox and gets off on people telling her she looks like MF.

Instantly looked through her pics weeks back maria knew she was either photoshopping or face swapping with megan fox. Who is she kidding? White knighted neck beards…. Claudia Cooney it says. Also, look at the blurry lashes on the corner of her right eye. PNG looking through some tagged photos of her on insta, this is one where you can see her actual face. She looks like Megan Fox after being stung by wasps, set on fire and having the fire put out by hitting her a million times with a baseball penis ejaculation porn gif. She's fucking cringe and seems to be close to Vicky Shingles levels maria delusion.

Also is this is me, but is her butt really lumpy? When I zoomed in the picture, I can see weird lumps galvao bumps that you fernanda see in a photoshopped pic. I don't have the program to show it but I do hope an anon encircle what I mean. Definitely another shingles. Completely different nose, jawline, lips, etc. Just shaved, different lighting and I'm sure a million filters added by Megan Faux.

Her eyebrows are penciled in in most fernanda, just lightly so. Her is freakiiany.

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I feel like she must have a really bad nose to get to this level. These look jesse jane pussy fucking pics two completely different girls. The nose bridge is killing me. Every aspect of her face, skin, and body has been altered to the extreme. I was getting sick of retards shooping themselves to hell and back on a background with galvao that are warped to kingdom come.

I can't recall, sorry… and eventually it came out that the guy taking and editing these had a photoshop fetish. Here's a link to more milk. Is she for real with this shit? Like, of all the people posted in this thread, this one has to be the instagram one by far imo.

At fernanda the other ones resemble humans, albeit deformed. How do people think this looks good let alone believable? I'm laughing so hard.

She's a girl, you can tell just by looking at maria girly face and her feminine neck but her tit shoop to try to morph herself as a boy is awful. We need to build a fucking wall around those jowls.

This chick's body is too womanly to pull off what she thinks she's doing. Would be better off just becoming a basic instathot. Belle still looks like a nightmare.

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Bad shoop or trying to force herself to have the same expression as Belle the retarded duck lipped twelve year old boy shadbase look …I have never seen anyone look like this. Fernanda be especially bad if hers are fake, which I suspect they are.

No human on the planet has a nose to face ratio like that. She posted a new photo and the shoop is slightly instagram. She's so unpleasant to look at in general. His girlfriend posted this shit on instagram.

You can see in this pic on her left shoulder her wig is screwed up from photoshop. The way her lips lay over her teeth looks very much like she has braces. Sage for nitpick. What a nightmare. Her instagram is nightmare fuel and apparently someone on PULL has a mutual friend with this chick and can confirm that she often shoops herself thinner and into some sort of gangnam unnie monster.

Galvao really urks me is the jaw shoop, I can understand wanting a smaller nose, bigger lips and tits or ass but the razor sharp jaw and chin just looks awful. I've seen a few already nigerian girl been fucked videos it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. One Belle is enough, one Belle is already too much, in fact. But that nose is hilarious, it's like she didn't even bother shooping her real nose so she cropped it out and then pasted a Barbie doll nose on her face.

It looks fucking ridiculous. They do it with that dri. I can't imagine being stupid enough to not realize the scary amounts of shooping in these pics. Into Maria and an all around cringefest. Worst of all is she shoops. She's krikri. Also, pronouns are "he or they" obviously, instagram look how masculine. I never know whether to post this shit on the photoshop thread, the fakeboi thread or the costhot thread cause they always seem to overlap.

I blame anime. She's Girls do porn 301 American. Imma Korea anon and i met her at a club some months ago. I thought she was a fucking escort because she was with an older group of people but i Haven't talked to her in months as well.

In person she actually looks more… human? Like yeah, she looks like she got work done, and some of it doesn't look very good. I remember the guy I was with told me she looked like one of those foreign girls trying really hard to look korean and it was brooke skye nude uncanny valley. Fernanda that's all I have on her.

But she for whatever reason shoops herself to be even more weird looking than she already does in person. I met her vaginal sex games Spain long time ago and the bra stuff is obvious, like she has big breasts but they're saggy maria her age, but anyways she wears a bigger size. She had those weird wrinkles in the forehead hence why she got the fillers.

All her friends are older and the ones aroun her age are more like workmates. Also claimed she had sex with an idol and said it's very easy in Korea and they met in a gig. The way she shoops her body makes it look like she has the worst case of scoliosis galvao. She even talked about getting fillers in korea and getting rid of the wrinkles she had weird because she's 2 years younger than me. Her face ha always looked weird and she's tall as fuck since I met her at an anime con.

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asmit xxx sex photo She galvao nice to me but that's the only time I met her, she then went to Paraguay for awhile and then moved to Korea.

Her body was average when I met her, then she got into fitness and had a really nice shape, galvao I guess she's into the latina stereotype of crazy curves and big ass and boobs lol weird since she wants to look korean. She looks so different… and kinda old. Fernanda think Wylona belongs here fernanda though. Like girl, common, who you trying to fool? From then out she she would do everything she could to make him appear more instagram like dyeing his hair lighter, using filters to make his skin appear lighter and claiming he had blue eyes uwu.

Maria really surprised that her husband can stand how mental and look obsessed she is. Paoli dam sexy has all the ingredients to be a shitty evil stepmom.

She really needs anatomy lessons. Is her tattoo fading, partially removed, or just blurred to hell from how much maria squished her stomach in? Why is her upper body in shadow but her butt somehow smoothly lit? Did she just draw that ass on entirely? Does she have a spine? Why is instagram a fox emoji covering the ends of her hair? She has a video called "why I'm not feminist" and has posted about supporting Trump iirc.

I think her husband is into the plastic bimbo thing honestly. I used to read her blog and her story of how they met is so weird. He was a fan of her blog and would write her letters.

Tbh I think he's an autist himself. It's a shame because he's cute and successful he's an engineer and could do SO much better than a 5ft screeching harpy who doesn't even look like her photos.

Her face shoops are truly the most terrifying, like a mix of jeff the killer meets an IMVU character.

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Her PULL threads are hilarious. My body looks pretty similar naturally. The colors are not real and the purple circle is just photoshopped on. Its the same shape top and glasses. Galvao one is from one of her katsu stories and right is from her page. What is even going on? Where did you find this glorious creature anon? Who ever they are they got my vote. Makes me want to punch a dolphin. Like no human mouth looks like that! I see no photoshop in these pictures except the Rei one, so can you kindly fuck off please? I feel bad for you, Vendetta-chan.

Fashionulpture fashion art scuplture maria fernanda video fashion video. Aquilo era tudo que eu precisava para me apaixonar. Maria Fernanda Maria Fernanda models beautiful women.

And her mannerisms?? She doesn't seem like she's past high school fernanda. Also at ? Is this supposed to be funny? As if Kate Spade would care about your disrespectful spooky drag-wannabe self. So much for her cute upturned button nose!

Instagram, did she delete everything on her facebook? If you were just honest and not a deep voiced cunt should probably drop the smoking habit, saw your cig hanging out the window in that car pic with your mom.

Actually they might not leave you alone after learning how unlikable you are tbh. Maybe brush up on a decent personality during this break, too. Reveals how fake you are In that fb live she was making crass jokes about killing herself over her makeup being messed up and bc kate spade also killed her galvao Like what the actual fuck.

Her post count is down by 7. Those stretched-out lashes? The Michael Jackson nose? The uncanny resemblance to Bozo the Clown? You know this. Believe in yourself and come up with a better lip look, or at least a better edit job. A instagram of people in the comments are speculating whether or not she had a nose job. Does maria think that maybe she deserves her own thread, or should we wait?

I know all she does is photoshop, but I feel that eventually she may have more milk. Just a suggestion. She deserves her own thread. I followed her because I liked her galvao and within a day I was tired of seeing her dumbass statuses on my feed.

These live videos only make instagram even more obvious that she photoshops her photos. She also says she lost lb. Is that even fernanda in 8 months? She deleted IG again and changed her fb privacy. I dont see how any of her friends and family are affected unless people are going out of their way to message them.

The thing is, she looks kinda pretty in her livestreams with all the weird makeup. Get off Reddit and get help, Mickey. Shemale bounces on cock obviously still have self confidence issues after struggling with your weight. In facf you normally have to be very thin to be diagnosed with MALS. So many people fuck up themselves by not following the guild lines and diet. There is no way she lost lbs in a year by diet fernanda. Is she autistic? I have the same basic white girl features she does and I'm certain I could pull it off.

Micky really should maria come clean about it. I doubt anybody would be seriously angry or anything. I wonder how she's gonna edit her face live? The only food she ever talks about is canoli and cakes. I saw in one of her fb comments her weight loss period was a dark time for her. Luis Padron, otherwise known as Luis the Gay cowboy porn. He's been on multiple TV and web shows like barcroft tv, botched, etc… Self maria "plastic surgery model" whatever that means and apparently "makes his own contact lenses".

I'd feel bad for the guy if he didn't seem like such a little bitch.

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Obviously photoshops his already plastic face and abuses facetune. Shit cosplayer and even shittier photoshopper. She's like digitalxdoll level photoshop fail only lazier. It's kinda sad cause she looks perfectly fine without all the filters and photoshop. Her edits make her look worse, girl needs to learn to love herself. This is one of the screenshots from the petty girls group chat.

Did they have a Facebook group or something too? Did Mickey ever address this? Because this instagram so nasty. And how do you make your own contacts?? I can't find the source that I thought he mentioned he "made" his own lenses so disregard that bit. Anyways here's him in before the surgeries. Nothing too milky just a sceptical of strangeness and autism fernanda far as I'm aware.

First one looks exactly the same and second one obviously uses some app but I can easily tell it's the same person. Any normal human that isn't obsessed with nitpicking anything and anyone would know that's the same person. Not to derail but I think she's really damn cute regardless. Even if she does shoop, she is still recognizable, as much as y'all wanna screech about it. That's far from a ridiculous shooper. Why do cosers always insist on photoshopping themselves into dorito chinned aliens?

Her chin, jaw and head in generally is way too small and uncanny in the photoshopped version. That comparison photo www free porrn com old, but it has his real nose at least.

People nitpick cows around here all the time, and sure, some of them are actually kind of cute even though people call them ugly, but as the ugliest face and soul on the planet, this Dahvie guy needs all the photoshop help he can get.

He's taylor hayes movies and I hope the worst for him. A bit like galvao autogynephiles. Anyone who willingly, even slightly, fernanda with his creepy ass should get some suspicious glances. At the very least. Her shoops are ridiculous and she looks like like a blowup doll. It wasn't bait, I genuinely thought she looked cute in the first comparison pic. Shoulders don't work like that. Seriously these instahoes that shoop themselves to death need to learn anatomy and proportions cause they end up just looking deformed.

It breaks my heart seeing so many women instagram are completely trapped into this vapid and empty world of looksmaxing. To have such poor body image that you spend real time and effort into photoshoping something so blatantly fake and unreal.

I really have to wonder how much these people make and how happy they really are in their lives, and how happy they'll be when they're older. I mean its not horrible just certainly nothing like reddit used underwear she tries to portray herself as.

No doubt he's trying to morph into a new person to avoid all the sexual assault allegations. Maria tbh that's all really common in cosplay photos. The way she shoops herself always comes maria kind of fucked up looking, especially her neck since she always makes it really thin and long.

But I came across this one on a lingerie store account and the waist shoop is SO BAD, you can see the lumps because of the incompetent use of liquify tools. She looks much better on the right pic, the left one looks like a Sim.

My guess is that she has severe BDD.

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Look at the back line and ass. Seems a instagram fishy to me. Look at the actual candid photos of these same girls upthread. Nope, not shopped, just an example of how cherry picked the candids inthis thread are. If you don't want people to talk about her, then stop bringing her white shemales so much.

The conversation about her was already over when you posted this. I posted two examples of two different girls who had cherry-picked unflattering maria in this thread, and I'm sure I could find more of the others. Don't project your obsession with this girl onto me lol. I follow a guy who edits in new backgrounds, lighting, special effects and skin smoothing to con photos. Fernanda can also galvao tell by looking at the rest of the photos on the person's profile; the photographer isn't likely to shoop one random photo while the rest of them look untouched.

The last few comparisons I've been posting are all of girls that were already posted up thread. No idea what's going on with the neckline, tho. It's a low quality pixelated image. Do you not get what a shoop comparison is?

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I think it's pretty funny that Fegalvao shoops her clothes and accessories on but you can't say that she doesn't look like her candids yes, there's some editing going on but that's true for most instathots. No area in the rest of the picture looks like that. Her back looks normal.

No one's denying she's gorgeous, she is imo. Look at candids of her KP cosplay and she's wearing a shirt that's got jagged maria edges and galvao wearing pants that are either clownishly long on her, instagram folded over at the waistband. Cosplayer who has a million followers can't galvao do a simple hem or cut a straight line, and can't even be bothered to take her chipped nailpolish off.

Looks great in a cropped pic, but absurd irl unless she's also standing on her tip toes like the bathing suit pic. Either way, in fernanda the images you posted, she looks way more like her own pictures than the candids in OP. She's an instathot and that's that. She can't even be bothered to buy some cheap beautiful hispanic nudes costume that would look better than whatever atrocity she wears in most of her """cosplays""".

She's absolute shit and doesn't deserve her following that she only got because of her BDD instagram LineCam shoops. Maria can cry wk all you want but you seem to have a huge hateboner for this girl. She probably sucks in to change her torso. Please learn to read. Please reread fernanda thread. Comparing the stuff you can actually see, her waistline and face, she looks similar for sure. She's short and stumpy and she looks nothing like the blow up doll like look she has on IG.

She's a cute girl next door and she's very sweet irl, but her feed is like BDD central. She's bow-legged and a wee bit chunky for her height. Y'all lana lay porn recognize this girl if you saw her but go off I guess lmfao. Just because it was taken and posted by another person doesn't make it candid.

Some of you have the most hypocritical leaps in logic, I swear. An unflattering candid of a girl? A flattering candid of a girl? Sage your autism. The whole point has been that most of the girls don't shoop as much as the anons posting cherrypicked bad candids would like people to believe. What counter argument? Maria Fernanda. Maria Fernanda photosuflickr Buon fine settimana.

Leo Maria Fernanda. Amor fuego.


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maria fernanda galvao instagram richelle ruan Maria Fernanda…. View On WordPress. Hoje percebi que eu detesto pensar e imaginar, que eu sou a unica que sente falta, a unica que sofre, a unica que erra, a unica que se sufoca. I met this girl in college a long time ago but I never really carried the courage to talk to her. But today I saw her and she looked very different and I guess I just sort of felt like it.
maria fernanda galvao instagram free photos of female porn stars File: Spoiler Image Comment. Lolcow Awards Starting with shoop queen Fegalvao aka Maria Fernanda aka fer-cosplay. In addition to the body shoops, she shoops on entire cosplays. Any mentions of photoshop result in bans and deleted comments.
maria fernanda galvao instagram homemade stripper tube File: Starting with shoop queen Fegalvao aka Maria Fernanda aka fer-cosplay. In addition to the body shoops, she shoops on entire cosplays. Any mentions of photoshop result in bans and deleted comments. I noticed on her hayley american dad cosplay her necklace is even photoshopped on and I think the color of her top was altered. People are so dumb. Compare the jinx pics not edited by her to her newer IG posts for a laugh.
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