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He and his wife often went out to dinner, movies, etc So off I went, trying very hard to convince myself that my family was safe. I still have a hard time forgiving myself for this mistake in judgment. Before Mitch left, he went to the restroom. Since we never unlocked the windows in winter time, this was the only time he could have.

But since we never unlocked the windows, my wife never checked them to see if they were locked.

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Around a. Someone had climbed on top of her. He was using one hand to hold the pillow, and the other hand to hold a lancet my wife's throat.

She heard a hostile, raspy voice telling her to keep quiet. There was no doubt, it was Mitch's voice. She was turned over and her hands were taped behind her back.

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Mitch sodomized her, then fucked her unblocked. After he climaxed a second time, he climbed off her, stories off her wedding set and indian her jewelry box. He placed the blade of the lancet her throat. He told her that if she told anyone, especially me, what he'd done, he'd return and harm her and then me.

Mitch left her anally and soaked with his climax. I sex home soon after, to find her half on our bed, her hands still taped behind her back, sobbing. She wouldn't tell me anything about what happened for hours, begging me not to call the police. At first, I was going to ignore her pleas and call them anyway, but she was so vehement about telling no one


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