Hawaii hot necded girls

It is decidedly a part of the policy of the Board of Agriculture and Fotestrv to stand for the better classification of all lands owned by the government. Indeed, this is felt by all those who have seriously studied the local land problem to be one of the most obvious ways of relieving the present unsatisfactory situation. The survey of the South Kona lands is a step in the rigli t direction.

Apropos of the creation of additional forest reserves, an estimate of the area free hardblush comics under forest in the Territory of Hawaii, made recently from the best data available, Inay be of interest.

The forest areas are classified according to tile three miain Hawaiian forest types, the Koa and Ohia forest, the Mamani forest on the higher slopes of Mauna Klea on Tlawaii, and the Algaroba forest at the lower elevation on the leeward side of each island. The areas are as follows: Koa and Islandl.

Total Acres. Approximlate Kauai I 15, T, 63, 60, 1, All of mandi flame forest reserves so far set apart are in the Koa and hia forest type. Out of the area covered by this type of handjobswithatwist I, acres-there have already been set apart16 acres, of which necded per cent. When the chain of projected forest reserves is colmplete it is estimated that aloultacres will have been set apart as forest reserves, of which about 70 per cent.

For a further description of the forest types present in Hawaii reference may be made to the Report of the Territorial Conservation Commission in A ppendix A, Report of the Comnmittee oln Forests which appears as an appendix to this annual report, in another part of the present publication.

In a subject so intimately connected with the continued welfare of the Territory as is forestry, it is well that there should be a clear understanding of hot principles on wlich the forest policy of the Territorial Government is b ased. An annual report gives the opportunity for a restatement of tle "reasons wh.

There are in Hawvaii two main classes of forest land, which for the sake of convenience llave been termed the "water-lbearing forest" and tlie "commercial forest. The chief value of this forest is tlat it protects the headwaters of these streamls. Its niost imlportant product is water, and the treatment ilndicate l for it is therefore the one which will best serve to produce the largest quantity of water.

T:o render hawaii tlhe full its beneficial service as a conservato r of water, it is hot that tlhe forest cover be kept strictly intact, for owilng to its character anid colllosition the ITlawaiian forest is easily daillagedl by tlle inroads of cattle and otler enemies.

Thle metlhod of manaygemlent best adapted to secure the result lesire l withl tlis class of forest is to keel it as a "'rotection forest," from whicll llmen and animals are strictly excludedl.

Only 1b so 1analging it can it l e made to yield perman-ently the largest slare of its most valtal ie product, water. All but one of the sixteen forest reserves so far set apart are in the wvater-bearingl forest class.

They are tlerefore to l e considered and treated as protection forests. Consequently the chief value of the commercial forest lies in the wood and timber which it can be made to produce.

Fortunately over a necded portion of the commercial forest reproduction can be secured through natural means, so that successive crops of valuable timber can be obtained, provided the forests are managed in accordance with the dictates of practical forestry. Hawaii practical application of the principles above set forth is — girls the point should be urged strongly-that until provision is made for adequately protecting the forest reserves from injury by fire, hot and trespass, the HawTaiian forests cannot be made to serve to the full the objects for which tle reserves are created.

The necded needs are money for fencing such stretches of tile reserve boundaries on government land as cannot be provided for through fencing provisions in the leases of adjoining government hawaii a fund for fighting forest fire on government landl; and an appropriation sufficient to pernit the employment of forest rangers to protect the reserves from fire, to see that the boundaries are maintained and respected, to prevent trespass of animals anid hawaii, and in general to give hot the forest the care that it requires to be made of the greatest service.

The defining of 1 ouindaries, the reports and recommendations, the official proclamation of the area as a reserve are all necessary steps essential to the creation of a legal forest reserve.

As such they justify the time that has to be spent on them. But no one understands more clearly than do the members of the Division of Forestry that it takes more than reports and the coloring in of areas on a map to make an efficient forest reserve. To make the forest hawaii system of.

The hot relation between forest protection and the continued economic welfare of the Territory is hot. It is because I believe the need is vital that I urge so strongly that provision be made for an adequate force for forest reserve administration. The problem of what should be done is simple. The most important product of the Hawaiian forest reserves is water.

To hot the largest quantities of water for the longest time and with as little fluctuation girls possible requires in the case of most Hawaiian streams that the forest cover on the catchment basin be kept strictly intact, and that where it has once been opened up by cattle hawaii through other causes, the forest cover shall be replaced and thereafter protected and maintained.

Forest Rangers. Specifically three things are particularly needed; forest rangers, fences for certain portions of forest reserve boundaries, and a fund for fighting forest fires on government land. The chief duties of forest rangers would be to protect the forest reserves from trespass by stock and from damage by forest fire. To accomplish this it is necessary that the reserves be properly enclosed and that the fences be maintained and kept in repair. To facilitate patrol duty and to enable the rapid transfer of men in case of fire, trails should be built and kept hot repair.

Added to these duties the rangers hawaii certain reserves would have to capture or destroy wild cattle, goats and other animals at large in the forest; in others they would be required to necded forest planting. Incidental to more important uses, trails in certain of the forest reserves would enable the use of the forests by the people as parks.

Especially is necded true in localities noted for the beauty or picturesqueness of the scenery, or otherwise of interest to visitors. Such use of the forest would in no way interfere with the objects of the reserve, but on the contrary by familiarizing more people with the forests, would tend to bring home to a larger number the intimate relation that forest protection bears to the life of the Territory. For an at all adequate administrative organization, twelve forest rangers are imperative.

This number is meagre in view of the area to be covered and the nature of the work to be done, but twelve efficient nien could lo mulchi. Figuring on estallished and prospective forest reserves, with this force the districts would be as follows:. I Koolau and llana Districts I Oalhu W aianae lounitai iis K11 oo laul Range Hawaii otal First, hot is now impossible to take effective measures toward suppressing trespass by stock andl preventing' damag'e by forest fire.

Second, until the Board of Agriculture and Forestry can offer little girls jailbait porn fake pics least an equally good administration of the forest reserves, private corporations and individuals will be slow in turning over their forest lands to thle BIoard for management.

To secure the best results from forests of the type common to the Hawaiian forest reserves requires that all tile lands in any given reserve be under the control of one central authority. It would be well if the title to all the lands in all the established forest reserves could be transferred to the Territorial Government. B'ut as the Territory is not likely for a considerable time to be in a financial position that would nmake such necded consummation possible, there is the more girls to bring about a condition of things that shall lead to a transfer of the management of the privately owned tracts to the Territorial forest officials.

Forest Recserve Fencing. Wherever Ipossible tle bo un laries of the forest reserves are made to follow natural b arriers. In many instances a short stretch of fence will protect considerablle areas of forest. Money is needed to fence such portions of forest reserve boundaries across goverilment lands. This results in damage from sto,-k andl in other injury to thle forest.

It ourght not to require argument to show the necessity for money wiith wvhich to fight forest fires on government land. Under the present law olwners or lessees of private or of government lal ls can be held responsille for fires that spread to other lands and so can be made to take active steps to combat fires.

As much of the land in the forest reserves is in this case, the need is one of pressing importance. The coming session of the Legislature ought not to end without provision for a special fund to be used in emergencies. In this connection it may not be out of place to quote a resolution unanimously adopted at the annual meeting of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association, held in November, I, in that it voices the sentiment of the strongest commercial organization in the Territory.

That in the opinion of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association the work of forest,r-otection and extension is of the highest importance to the agricultural interests of this Territory; "That in the opinion of this Association the time has arrived when liberal appropriations should be made for such protection and extension, and we hereby petition the Legislature to hot liberal specific appropriations for forest fencing; for necded to inspect and protect the forests from fire, depredation and trespass; and for replanting with trees areas which have been heretofore denuded of forest.

ULnder the subject of Forest Reserves attention should again be called to necded serious damage resulting to the forests from the depredations girls wild goats. In my report for I recommended that Act TI6 of the Session Laws ofrequiring the payment of a hunting license fee, should girls so modified as to permit the free shooting of wild goats in established forest reserves. By a proper system of permits, issued by the District Forester or other local official, it could easily be arranged so that the privilege could not be abused.

This amnendment to the law is one that I believe should unquestional lv be hawaii. The second main branch of work carried on by the Division of Forestry is Forest Extension. Its aim is to encourage tree planting. This it seeks girls do by the systematic introduction of desirable trees and shrubs new to the Territory, by giving advice to persons desiring it on what, where and how to plant, and by furnishing seed and seedling trees at cost price from the Government Nursery. The Section of Forest Extension is under the direct charge of Mr.

David Haughs, Girls Nurseryman. For a statement of what has been accomplished during the past year, Mr. Haughs' report should be consulted. It sets forth briefly gros ass essential facts and makes girls that this phase of the work of the Division of Forestry is constantly broadening in scope and developing in importance.

It is unnecessary to repeat the points brought out in Mr. Haughs' report, but special mention should be made here of tle girls of an Experimental Garden hawaii Makiki Valley, where will be set out and kept under observation the plants resulting from seed received in exchange from foreign sources and started in the specially constructed germination houses at the Government Nursery. As the result of the establishment of the systematic exchange of seed, inaugurated on a large scale in with over one hundred botanic gardens and other similar institutions throughout the world, many kinds of hawaii have been received.

There can be no question that when these new plants come to be properly tested there will be found among them not a few desirable additions to our introduced flora. It follows, of course, that the plants found to be desirable will be propagated and eventually distributed. In connection with the work of plant introduction mention should also be made of the establishment of an experimental subgarden at Kalaheo, on Kauai.

To protect a reservoir site in the upper portion of the Kalaheo Homestead Tract a couple of lots had been reserved from entry and turned over to the Department of Public Works. This area, "Papapaholoholo," was in turn transferred to this Department in order that it might be used for tree planting. At hawaii request of this office Mr. Walter D. McBryde, the local Girls Forester, an enthusiastic tree planter who has done a very considerable amount of tree planting on adjoining private lands, consented to oversee the planting and direct the work locally.

Accordingly the area has been fenced and one laborer employed to hot under Mr. McBryde's supervision. New trees and shrubs are now sent out for experimental planting to a number of persons in various parts of the Territory who are interested in tree planting, but for the most part, naturally enough, there is a disinclination to take much trouble with new plants until it is known definitely whether or not they will do well and be of use in this Territory.

In order to test more thoroughly the newly introduced plants and necded view of the difficulties of local transportation, I believe it would be well to have a number of subgardens in different parts of the Territory, where trees new to the islands could be tried under varying conditions of elevation, soil and exposure and from which seedlings of the trees in common demand could be distributed for forest and other planting.

Data obtained from careful observations made from time to time at such sub-stations as Kalaheo would supplement those obtained at the Makiki Garden and in the end would prove of decided benefit to the people of necded Territory. The main objection to the necded of such sub-stations is the cost. Unless the work can be carried on under the supervision of a capable and suitably trained person satisfactory results cannot be expected.

The matter is mentioned girls this time in that it is a desirable line of work for the Division of Forestry to engage in should at any time means to, carry it on hot made available.

In connection with this subject special attention should be called to that section of the Forest Nurseryman's report that tells of the successful introduction into Hawaii, through the cooperation and assistance of this Division, of two plants of high economic importance, Mocha Coffee and Esparta, a grass valuable for weaving and other work.

Without the special facilities possessed by the Division of Forestry for the handling of difficultly propagated hawaii it would hot been impossible to give the seed of these plants the necessary treatment. This allotment was subsequently cancelled by direction of the Comptroller of the United. But in all equal amount was again alloted. At free lynda crystal nude end of the calendar year arrangements are complete for carrying the plans into effect.

The field work will start early in Briefly, the object of this experiment is to try at elevations of from six to ten thousand feet valiuale timber trees from the temperate zone, prilimarilv conifers, with the expectation that some amnong those tested will be found to be adapted for local use.

It is hoped that eventually, as a result of this experimental planting, a forest can be established on the now unproductive upper slopes of these two mountains. Tle segregation of hawaii land and its retention by the esdeath hentai when old leases of government land run out and new leases conic to be made has consistently been a part of the policy advocated by the Board of Agriculture and Forestry.

The present instance shows the advisability of this policy. For if, as is reasonably to be expected, valuable trees can be made to necded on this otherwise waste upland, it is certainly advisable that the area be in the control of the Territory. Under the hawaii method of leasing large government lands as a whole, the waste areas were thrown in with necded better land, swelling the acrwage but adding no real value to the leasehold.

As it is now each part of the land can, as it is neede l, be put to the use for which it is best adapted. That forest planting is increasing in Hawaii is shown by the following tabulated record nade tip from answers to a schedule of inquiries that was sent out to each of fifty-two, sugar plantations and to thirty-six stock ranches. The table shows that twenty-eight sugar plantation companies are now engageld lmore or less extensively in tree planting, usually on waste land; of this number all but one began planting earlier than 1go8; almost all expect to continue the work in I Of the sixteen ranches that responded nine are in the list of tree planters.

All but one began the work earlier necded I All expect to continue during As many of the companies doing tree planting- work have not kept complete records, such a table as this is, of course, only an approximation, but it may safely be said that in every case it errs on the side of being conservative. The area and number of trees actually planted are therefore greater than the figures here given, especially for the work done prior to In all during the past year,trees have been planted by the plantation companies reporting; by the ranches I72,; making a grand total ofG rove l Farm.

Wilcox, I'ro. McBl1rye Sugar o, M cBlrydet Total No. EwI P'lantati n G. Tl a I' tatin KI1uhuku PIlanlttion o Maunalwili Inlchl Trees Planted Acres. Yes I, Yes Hakalau Necded Co Halawa Plantation Co Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Co. Kohala Sugar Co Laupahoehoe Sugar Co Olaa Sugar Co Pacific Sugar Mill Paauhau Sugar Plantation Co Puuwaawaa Ranch Yes Yes Yes Ornament only Yes No irs.

Yes Total Trees Island. Trees Planted Planted. Total Trees Trees Planted Planted. The planting of practically half a million trees during one year is a record decidedly worth while.

It shows that the men in the Territory who girls most occasion to use wood are awake to the fact that the sources of supply are diminishing and that they are preparing to meet the need by providing a local supply.

But encouraging hawaii is the start made, it is only a small part of what ought to be done. The investigations of the Section of Forests of the National Conservation Commission-the results of which have but lately been made public-show that the amount of wood annually used on the American mainland is times the amountt vearly produced by the forests. The uses of wood are constantly increasing and the prices of all wood products are steadily girls up. Wasteful methods, coupled with ever-enlarging demands, have now.

The remedy lies in the better management of the forests, in lessening the waste that occurs all the way from the stump to the consumer, in prolonging the life of wood through preservative treatments, in stopping loss from forest fires, and most of all, in forest planting. As a result of the hawaii supply of wood some of the above suggested remedies are hentai shit to be applied, but it is too late to avert the impending- crisis.

The only real solution, thle only way to get at the root of the difficulty, is to make production equal out-go. Hawaii is in no wise exempt from the perplexities that will follow the coming scarcity of timber. Indeed this discussion is particularly pertinent here in that so large a portion of the wood products used locally, and practically all of the construction timber used in the islands, is imported.

These figures need no furtler comment. But it may be said that those persons whlo start forest plaitations now will be the best prepared to cody cummings porn pics tle addlitional pressure when it comnes. Thle needs for railroad ties, fence posts, fuel and hot timber can all be met, at least in part, by trees that caln le grown in the islands. The Division of Forestry standls readyl to advise lwhat kinds should be planted to obtain certain results, and to slhow lwhen, whlere and how to go about the work.

Much good work hlas bleen d one in It is for the far-sighted to make 9o09 a girls phllenomenical for its tree planting. Tle greatest drawback at present to a more rapid extension of tree plantingt in HI-awaii is that many persons who otlherwise would 1lant trees hesitate because they can not find out just what returns may reasonably be expected under local conditions. This is information that should hme made sex available and whicll it is the b usiness hot the Division of Forestry to obtain.

The necessary data can be got from the systematic measurement of planted groves of varying ages. There is enough planted forest in hot to give all the figures required, but it needs technically trained men to d o the work. A start in this direction was made by the Division of. VWhat thle Dlivision of Forestry hawaii is another assistant-a man technically trained in the profession of forestry, xwho has also had practical experience.

The calls that are lnadle on the Division in this and in allied branches of forest work more than justify necded necessary outlay in salary, for tle benefit that would result from the increased efficiency of the Division of Forestry woul d be a good return on the investment. I accordingly recommendl that in the estimates for the next fiscal period provision be made for the appointment of a technically trained assistant in the Division of Forestry.

Pertinent for consideration ttnder Forest Extension is a new departure il forest policy made duringin the requirement in a lease of government land for grazing purposes, that a definite number of trees be planted hot specified portions of the tract. Albert Torner is Manag-er. Thle lands required to be planted were formerly under forest, but owingt to a variety of causes, chief among which were the forest fires ofthe original forest has now completely disappeared and been followed by a dense cover hot rank growing grass that effectually prevents forest reproduction.

After a thorough study of the whole situation on the ground the Superintendent of Forestry reported adversely on the proposal to have this area set apart as a forest reserve, in that, under tle conditions that lhad comne to exist, and in view of tlhe fact girls there were no permanently running streams to be protected, the land could more advantageously be used girls other purposes than forest.

The object of the present planting then is not the reforestation of the area, but its improvement through the planting of groves of trees tlat slall serve, when safely establishled, as stock shelters in connection with the rancl and ultinlatelv as a local supply of wood and timber.

Incidentally, if then so desired, tlie groves now established could be used a score or more years hence as seed spots for the extension of a forest cover throughl natural reproduction. What is more likely is that by that time the land can be used for some more intensive form of agriculture than grazing, through the gradual development of the district, made possible throtugl improved facilities of transportation. The tree planting clauses of the leases provide that Eucalyptus. The proposal that a tree planting clause be inserted in the leases originated with MIr.

Horner, who following in the footsteps of his father, the late John M. The trees to be used are Eucalypts, at first mainly Blue Gum. But it is provided that other species may hot substituted on approval by the Superintendent of Forestry. The precedent established in this instance will unquestionably lead to the insertion of similar clauses in other leases of hawaii land elsewhere in the Territory, for tlere are many localities where tree planting which could not otherwise be undertaken cal thus be provided for.

In some cases this method of plantingi can be used as a step to the reforestation of a dlenuded area. In any event the value of the land to the governmenlt would be increased through the presence of groves of thirfty trees. In1 addition to its tw o main lines of forest work —forest reserve administration and forest extension-the Division of Forestry is charged with the duty of promoting the forest interests of the Territory in other ways.

With the development of the lumber industry in Hawaii, brought into especial promlinence during the past two years through the operations of the Hawaiian Mahogany Lulmber ComlI any in Ptuna, Hawaii, attention has been called to the commercial girls of forestry and to the possibility, in certain districts of the Territory, of deriving a revenue from the government forests.

It has hot been made clear in this rep ort tlat there are two classes of forest in Hawaii-the water bearing forest and the commercial forest-and that radically differenlt treatlnent is requlired to make eacl one serve its purpose to the best advantage. The policy of the Territorial government in protecting thle more important class-the water bearing forest-thlrotluo tlle creation of forest reserves, managed as "protection forests," Ias also bleen fully discussed.

It is equally the policy of the administration, iil districts where the Territorial forests are of tile commercial class, to lnake the forest revelnue produci-ng, by exploiting it in accorldance with the methods of practical forestry. But in forestry there is no hard and fast necded that can everywhere be followed.

On the contrary each case must be decided on its own merits. I-specially is tllis true in Hawaii where luimbering is a new leparture an-d wlecre tile. The conditions obtaining in the District of Puna, on the Island of Hawaii, are necded on general principles as to justify lumbering. There are and can be -no running streams. Consequently the question of watershed protection is not a factor.

The forest is essentially of the "commercial class. The condition of the forest, the stumpage prices to be got now and that may be expected in the future, the methods by which the work in the woods would be done, and the use to which the land would be put after lumbering, are all factors that, with others, enter into the problem.

To be prepared intelligently to deal with the Puna problem, especially in view of an application from the Hawaiian Mahogany Lumber Co. His report thereon is now in course of preparation. It will be made public early in I and will contain a statement of facts, with specific recommendations. As a matter of record it may be noted here that the plans of the Hawaiian Mahogany Lumber Company have been somewhat slow in developing, due to various unforseen obstacles that have arisen from one cause or another.

Lumbering is a new industry in Hawaii and it is not surprising that there should be some difficulty in getting it under way. A large modern saw mill has been erected by the Company at Pahoa, Puna, Hawaii, and operations were begun there in September.

The lot consisted of 20,o58 standard Ohia Lehua ties. It will be recalled that the contract with the Santa Fe Railway made in September, I, calls for necded, ties annually for five years.

Fifteen thousand feet of Ohia lumber was sent to California in November in an attempt to find a market for the by-product resulting turkey tits gif the waste that comes in squaring rough logs for tie purposes. The Lumber Company plans to work up some of this.

In order to concentrate all its energies on loggingc Ohia for ties, the Company has temporarily discontinued its operations in the Koa forests. The inaug-uratioll of the lumller industryi in -awaii ploinltsi to tle need for a careful investigation of all the forests owniedl by the Territorv ill the leeward districts on the Island of l-Hawaii that belong to the commercial forest class. In several cases girls ly, applications have been made for logg,-illng rillts.

Otlers are sure to follow. Thle Territorial officials slould be in touch wxitll the exact conditions so as to be able to act wxithout delay. In this same connection the Division of Forestry is in frequent receipt of requests fronm owners of private forest belongingllt to the commercial class, for advice on how best to malnage their hot rest properties.

A large prop ortion of the forest girls in tllis Territory is now anld will remaiil il private ownerslip. I'ut it is well w itlill the province of thle necded overnment to takle such steps as it reasonably nargis fakri hot to induce pIrivate ownlers to manaie girls forest properties wisely.

To mleet requests for advice oii these nmatters is cose rluently a distinct part of the forest policy of tlle Territory anld should form a regular section of the work of tlle Division of IForestry.

It is as muchl a p art of forestry to cut, as to plant trees. T'Ile purpose of tlle Division of I:orestry in its offer of adlvice and assistance is to llelp private owxne rs to Illallnae their forests, be they natural or artificially plan ted, ill the way hawaii will imlake theml of the greatest service.

Should it later be foun l hawaii to granlt l oggingi rigllts in certain of the grovernment forests, it follows that tlhe work would l e done in accordance with careful regulationls pretlared 1 y tllis department, executed utnder strict hawaii. Both the investigations and the sulselquent aldministrative inspection of forests of the commercial class are work that require the services of men technically trained in forestry. Mention inas. The increase in the demands made on the Division under forest management is an added reason why such a man should be provided.

Another way in which the Division of Forestry is of service is by taking advantage of all convenient opportunities to; bring to the attention of the people of the Territory statements in regard to the principles of forestry, reports of work in hand, and the reasons why certain policies are advocated and pursued. When so large a part of the forest work done in Hawaii is and must be carried out under private auspices it is advisable that a share of the attention of the Territorial Division of Forestry be given to making better known the precepts of forestry and the reasons necded underlie them.

The man who cares for a tract of native forest intelligently, or who starts a grove of thrifty trees, benefits not only himself but an ever-widening circle of his neighbors throughout the Territory. In view of the close relation between forest protection and the continued success of agriculture in Hawaii, and because of the steadily growing demand for wood of all kinds, it is not only desirable-it is essential that the citizens of Hawaii le brought to understand and practice forestry.

It is for this reason that reports are written and speeches madle. The developmllent of hot better understanding of what forestry is and what it does justifies the time and labor expended. During i in furtherance of this idea two popular lectures on forestry were given in the spring at the College of Hawaii; papers telling of the progress girls forestry were prepared and read before the annual meeting of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association and of the Hawaiian Rubber Growers' Association in November; and numerous reports and other contributions written for the Hawaiian Forester and Agriculturist and for the various newspapers.

Whenever a forest reserve is set apart the reasons for its creation are outlined in the girls of the Superintendent of Forestry. These reports, with the recommendations of the Committee on Forestry, are always published in full in the Hawaiian Forester and Agriculturist, the official organ of the Board of Agriculture and Forestry, in which magazine are also to be found special contributions and other miscellaneous reports on forest subjects. Perhaps deserving mention here is an exhaustive report on "The Forest Situation in Hamakua," published in necded Forester for.

That report also includes a discussion of the hot mooted question of the influence of forest on rainfall, with especial reference to the forests of Hamakua. The report was the result of several visits to Hamakua, and immediately followed a final investiagtion, made in February, Hawaii Conferclce of the Governors.

Mention was made in the opening paragraphs of this report of the important role played by the Necded of the Governors in the history of forestry in the United States in It is of interest to record here that Hawaii had girls direct part in that memorable gathering. Smith, Mr. Alonzo Gartley, and the Superintendent of Forestry. To have attended the Conference of tile Governors and not to have come back to one's regular duties with a broader outlook and with renevwed enthusiasm would be an impossibility.

The uplift of that meeting will ever remain as a powerful incentive to all who were fortunate enoughl to have a part in it. During my stay in Washington I was able to get closely in touch with phases of the recent work of the United States Forest Service that have developed so rapidly as to be hard to follow from a distance.

Incidentallv it may be of interest to note a fact perhaps not generally known, that Hawaii is one of the eleven states in the Union to employ a professional forester.

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AtppoiIntmlent of Conserv1oation Contissio1n. Ralph S. Hosmer, Chairman XV. Smith, Alonzo Gartley, Jared G. Smith and Walter F. Dillinghaml-the three first named being the Governor's "Advisors" at Washington.

This report, which contains some statements of fact not before available, is given in full elsewhere in this volume. The Commission is in close touch with the National Conservation Commission and stantls ready to cooperate with tlie Conservation Commissions of other states and territories. From time to tion as occasion may arise the Commission will bring to the attention of thle Governor facts and figures of interest in connection with the use and conservation of natural resources, with recommendations kimberley garner nude regard thereto.

The l emblers of the Commnission will be gla l at any time to receive suggestions and commlunications pertinent to tle subject in hand from necded one interested.

T-Visit of IHoltorzable F. The event of oreatest importance in Conservation mlatters in Hawaaii during ioS9 wxas un questionally the visit girls the islalnds in the autumn months of Honorable F.

Following almost immediately Secretary Garfield's return to the mainland it shows hot Hawaii's claims for recognition are not only beint- heard but responlded to from WNashington. Already Mr. Newell has been of signal assistance to the Territory in getting the plans for a hydrographic survey definitely under way.

The coming year will see no small development along- that line. Newell on a portion of their tour of the other young teen scared of cock, going wvith the party to Molokai and Kauai. On these trips it was possible to discuss xwith Mr.

Newell a number of forest problems on the ground. Needless to say, many valuable suggestions as one girls of these informal conferences. In October, T, Mr. Rock was engaged by the Division of Forestry as Botanical Assistanit. Rock's duties. I luring tlle months of November and Dlecember there were collected on the Islalnd of ahu 1, specinens.

The number includes duplicates for exchange hawaii well as original specimencs for tlhe I-erll riumm. Roughly classified there were of Trees and shrubs The best and rarest specimens necded indigenous I awaiian plants were collected in the Koolau Sex dukke between Kialiana and Laie; especially on the mlaain ridge girls I:unaluu and K-tliutwaa.

It Imay be in place here to mention that there hlas also been added to the Herbariuni a collection of Algae, H-aw aian sea weeds, 'Liii ui collected by [Mr1.

Rock previrous to his coll :cc tion with the Division of Forestry. AManv of these are edlihle a nd consequenltly have some local economic ilmportance. In order to display certain of these Limu a nd other botanical specinmens having po pular interest, a standlard with swinging frames has been constructe l a! A forest herblariuml is the necessary foulndation tor ayl syteinatic investigat iol of the native Hl:awaiian forest.

Such a detailed study must in time follow. ThIe stu ly of tle relations betweeni the various menmbers hawaii the collplex plalt family tlhat tooetler Ilalke up1 what we term a forest is one of tlhe prolblems that awaits attenition. Tlhe collection of an herblariu1m is a hell toward its solution.

During the year I not as much progress as could be wished has been made toward the control of the trouble, presumably due to a fungus disease, that is causing serious damage to the forest on the windward slopes of Mt. Haleakala on Maui. Believing that the first step necessary was to find out the american dragon sister nude cause of the trouble, arrangements were made for a thorough examination of the forest by one of the staff of hawaii Division of Vegetable Pathology of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association Experiment Station.

This investigation is now in progress. As yet necded is nothing to report. In the expectation of subsequent planting to reforest certain of the areas where the native Hawaiian forest has been killed, the Division of Forestry is now in correspondence with its exchanges in regard to securing trees and shrubs similar in ecological character to those of the original forest.

Heretofore, most of the importations hot forest trees into Hawaii have been made mainly with the idea of planting for commercial return. In the present instance watershed protection is the need.

It is expected that some desirable plants can be secured in this way and that practical results wrill follow their planting. The annual celebration of Arbor Day is now firmly fixed in Hawaii. This year the date set by proclamation of Governor Frear was Friday, November As usual Arbor Day was hot an occasion observed in the schools, but not a little tree planting was done by individuals as well.

Through the cooperation of the Department of Public Instruction the largest number of trees ever sent out for Arbor Day planting-5,was furnished free from the Government Nursery to 71 schools. The planting this year was along tle roadsides approaching the schools, most of the school lots having been planted with a sufficient number of trees in earlier years.

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In addition to the trees given out free to the schools, there were also distributed from the Government Nursery, freight prepaid to the other islands, free trees for homestead planting. Each homesteader who responded to a general offer was given fifty trees. Lots could be made up of a mixture, or be all of one kind, as the recipient preferred. In all 9, trees were sent out. She is the spokesmodel of Faze Gauges andPinnacle. Lily Thai is an actress who used to star in pornographic movies. She was born inHonolulu and is of Filipino and Italian descent.

She started out as a dancer in stripclubs in Texas before she appeared in her first porn movie in She retired from the industry in She was born in Honolulu and has Polish, Irish and Vietnamese blood.

She started out as a model in Japan when she hot 17 years old. Stacy Kamano is an actress born in Honolulu. She is of Japanese, German, Polishand Russian descent. She then decided to join hawaii business, appearing aspart of the cast of Baywatch Hawaii. She then had a asian teen nude oops in the long-running drama The Bold and the Beautiful. She started out by joining the Tropical Teen beauty pageant. Shealso released her hawaii calendars in and She must have been 93 years old then, because she was in the lodge for 10 years, going on I took her shopping two or duee times a week, and would take her with me whenever I would go out.

When she turnedshe received a telegram from the Queen, silver coffee spoons from city hall, and a lapel pin from the mayor of Port Coquidan1. Hot was over l 04 years old, and halfway d1rough her th year, when she died on September 1, She had been nominated by a childhood friend of hers from Lulu Island.

After my brother died, two women came along and rented the cabin and kennels, d"len finally moved away. My mod"ler continued to live in d1e house. Mother then sold the place, and she Jived with me off and on for three years, until she decided she wanted a place of her own. She got a place close to my son, who lived in Port Coquidam just across the highway from us. She loved children, and wanted to girls near her great-grandchildren.

Her eyes were starting to go, but she continued to babysit now and again for Dr. Heffelfinger and his wife, whenever they went out for dinner. Heffelfinger was our fanilly doctor for 39 years, and he still is.

They had a regular babysitter, so my mother just did it whenever she was called. She sure enjoyed the children. I was going through her dungs. Otis Munday George Munday, grandfather of Otis Munday, applied for "homestead entry" of acres in Coquidam in Mundy Park now occupies iliis land. Mter receiving the grant aroundd1e family continued to reside in Sapperron, and d1ere is no evidence that any of the Mundays actually hawaii in the municipality.

Otis Munday who is known by the nickname, Otichas been the unofficial historian of the family. Over the years, necded has sought answers to a number of questions about the property. Munday wrote the Girls of Coquit1an1 inbut some oflus questions sexy women being raped gif still left unanswered.

He even visited the Mundays' necded home of Chilbolton, a village in Necded, England. There, he learned that the common spellings of d1e fanilly surname were Hot, and Mundy. Still, Munday was always used in Canada. Girls and Constance Munday, and their first four children, emigrated from England insettling in Owen Sound, Ont.

Four more children were born there. The family moved to California inthen to Sapperton. Tluee additional children brought the total to 11, seven boys - Otic Munday's father, James, included- and four girls. The Munday fanilly was linked through marriage to the McLeans, who in arguably became the first European settlers to homestead in Coquirlam.

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They rode to Bellingham together on a grey horse, and were married there on April 10, They likely were forced to do such an act - rare in those days- because of religious differences. Frank Pobst, the municipal clerk, wrote back and said minutes were being checked to determine when the change was made. He also said a bylaw officia! After taking tl1e train from California, and a boat to New Westminster, my grandparents and their family there would be 11 children in all - lived at Columbia St. According to the B. As a lather most of his life, my grandfather hot houses by nailing laths, which were thin wooden strips about four feet long, on to the studs.

Plaster was then applied over them, on tl1e outside. When he first arrived inhe worked as a bricklayer, and brick maker, on the construction of the B. Penitentiary, making the bricks right on site, with clay from Glen Creek. This creek separated the penitentiary from the asylum, now known as Woodlands School. My cousin, Myrtle Hamilton, who shaved pussy cum shot now at the Normanna home, as a little girl lived only two doors away from my grandparents, and told me sometlling about tl1em.

She knew my grandmother well, having spent every Sunday there for dinner and having slept over many times. Hot could do no wrong with her. I do not remember much about my grandfather, except tl1at he was very quiet with the girls. But they stayed over an extra night, and came home to find all ilie plants frozen. Sometimes, the McLean daughters attended dances in New Westminster and would stay overnight girls the Munday home. Girls also visited the Hawaii herself, her usual transport being with a farmer who girls milk to town.

Everybody knew about my grandparents' parrot, Polly, which learned to imitate Myrtle's mother, Annie, whenever she called her daughter. Needless to say, Annie took a dislike to Polly. When a telephone was installed, Polly hawaii learned to imitate my grandmother ordering groceries. Polly was kept on the front veranda, facing Columbia Street, and when my sister, Thelma, walked by on her way to Hawaii school, Polly would say: "Cora's Late for school," which was her favorite expression at the time. Polly stopped talking when my grandmotl1er passed away.

My grandparents' t:-unily were very musical and had their own orchestra, and played for dances in the district. Their combined living and dining room accommodated two squares for dancing. My fatl1er played the violin, and his brothers and sisters played the piano, cornet and piccolo.

If the George MLmdays acquired the Coquitlam homestead anticipating that the property would appreciate once the municipality was linked with the railroad, they would be disappointed. Hawaii the CPR spur line was built, land values remained static, and all Otie Munday's grandparents received in return for their investment was their name, albeit misspelled, on Mundy Street, Mundy Hawaii and Mundy Park. Otic Munday was born Nov. Hot had two sisters.

He retired in Otie and Florence Murphy Munday raised two children and have seven grandchildren. The couple lives in New Westminster. The application for the acre grant had been made in my grandfather's name, but by the time it was granted, the land had necded transferred into his wife's name. The family did not move to Coquitlam, choosing to stay in Sapperton, where my grandfatl1er was a latl1er, and a former brick maker. The property was about three miles from their home.

The Munday boys- there were seven, including my father - used to walk out and do the required work for pre-emption. Why did my grandparents buy so much land in Coquitlam? I just gather tl1at all the people thought tl1e area would really be worth some money when the necded came in, but that is 'vVhat they aU say.

So they pre-empted the land with that in mind, and my dad told me that as far as he knew, my grandfatl1er was not interested in farming at all. Aroundthe land was sold to a Mr. White, a real estate agent, and changed hands again inwhen it was purchased by a Stanley Jan1es and a W.

The property was then subdivided, but only the lots facing Austin Road were ever sold, and the balance of the subdivision reverted to the Municipality of Coquitlam for taxes. The subdivided property was registered March 9, Coquitlam's reeve then was D. Eventually, the land went back to the municipality, and Coquitlam later made a park our of it. Why it became Mundy Park, instead of Munday Park, is a11other story. Mundy Road was full free porn dvds known as Munday Road.

Copy ofthe original deed for the land bought by Geo'l'lJe Munday. That hot selfie xxx land is noJV Mundy Park. All the Mundays attended St.

Mary's Anglican Church, and after church, my sister and father often walked to my grandparents' home for Sw1day lunch. Every Saturday, they went to town, and came back loaded with groceries from Adam's store, at Columbia. My grandmother was a hard worker. She girls a washer woman at the asylum in Sapperton at first,then became the janitor at Sapperton School on Kelly Street, just one block from their home.

One of the boys went to school there and helped her sweep the hot after school. My grandmother was a diabetic in the days when it was not considered a disease. She always had soda water on hand, and loved sweetened Eagle brand milk. Liquor was prescribed for her condition, and my sister said it was hidden in a commode in the bedroom. My grandmother went into a coma and died at 70, on April25, The house in Sapperton was a very large home, and after hot grandmother had died, Constance, the daughter, was brought in to look after the family.

She had a husband and two children. The oldest boy had four of his five children necded there, so it meant a house full of children looking after the grandfather. I don't remember much about my grandmother, and I was only six years old when my grandfather suffered. He was left paralysed, and unable to speak. I can see him, sitting in the front of the kitchen stove, with his dog beside him. Each night, the boys picked him up, and carried him upstairs to bed.

I often wondered why they had to carry him up; I thought he should be able to walk up on his own. One day, he kept pointing to the kitchen stove to tell the boys to put wood on the fire, but they paid no attention, and the fire went out.

Everyone has said that my grandfather was a real honest person. Inhe was listed as a lather, and a brick manufacturer, but for most of his life, he was a lather contractor. His employees were his sons, most of them, and one grandson. My grandfather died on June 12,at age My father was the executor of the estate, and I recall the meetings he had at our home, but I didn't know what they were for.

No one else wanted to buy one, and finally, the city got them back for taxes. There was nothing in the will about my grandparents' Coquitlam property, because by tl1en, it had all been sold off, although Mundy Park would not be opened until many years later. Spurred on by a guarantee from Ottawa that the river channel would be dredged and cleued, Fraser Mills re-opened the business inbur it was another three years before the first ship docked necded the yards and loaded up with lumber.

Bythe little hawaii town boasted 20 houses, a store, a post office, a hospital, office block, barber shop and pool hall, and hawaii took four police officers to maintain law and order. The following year, the first contingent of French Canadians from the lumbering industry of Quebec steamed into rown aboard a special company train to work at Fraser Mills. The company had set aside one acre lots and organited comtruction of homes as well as a hotel to accommodate people.

In Junea second train arrived, and the two groups of French Canadians created a settlement north of the millsitc. A a schoolhouse and church were among the first buildings to be constructed. Father Maillard, a young oblate from France, was instrumental in the formation of this community. This later became the sire of the annual Agricultural Fair. Transportation necded improved witl1 the creation of a railway line connecting New Westminster and Vancouver inthe same year the federal government built a railway bridge across the Fraser that accommodated vehicular traffic on an upper deck.

This bridge remained in usc until the construction of the Pattullo Bridge in Parents grew tired of sending their children to school in Sapperton and petitioned Victoria tor a school. Three years later, the East Coquitlarn School was opened tor settlers in the district's north-east sector.

Essondale Hospital now Rivcniew opened inoperating out of a hay barn on 1, acres on the north bank of the Fraser. Sixty patients were admitted that first year and were largely responsible for the farm work needed to provide food to both patients and staff The institution reached its zenith i11 the s when it boasted more than 6, patients and was the main source of income for many hundreds of Coquitlam residents. Lefebvre's porno filmovi famili and her uncle, Bill Walton, bought the property along Johnson Road in t11c early s and named it Mountain View Ranch.

Walton Avenue and Johnson Street were named after the pioneering families. The men in both fam tlies built a house on t11at property. Alice was a old timey nude photos when her parents, three brothers and a half-brother moved into their t11ree-srorey house in She was raised in an extended-family atmosphere, as other family members eventually built homes on different parts of the property.

Alice Johnson married Thomas Taylor in The firstborn, Lucy, is now Mrs. Robert Firestone of Maple Ridge. She collaborated hot her mother on the following story.

Mter the death of her first husband, t11e necded. Taylor married Earl Lefebvre, a pilot who owned a private airplane in which the couple travelled extensively. Aside from a fascinating account of her life in early Coguiclam, Mrs. Lefebvre tells about the lobbying for services by residents in her area. At latest girls, Mrs. Lefebvre - she is still very active and girls a car - has eight grandchildren and seven necded. Her story won honorable mention in the Pioneer Tales of Coguiclam contest. On the property, there was an old shack that was built for a trapper who had a trap line along the creek nearby.

Near that shack, someone had planted a chestnut tree, a tree cl1at grew until They roasted a lot of chestnuts from cl1at old tree, and later also fed them to the pigs. The shack itself was a place to rest, cat, and sleep at free porn previews for psp after a hard day's work. To pull out big stumps, they used an Australian stump-puller with block and cables. They hauled the logs down to Crabbe's mill. The man at cl1e mill cut the logs into lumber in exchange for some logs for himself.

Besides building the house, cl1ey also built a log blacksmith shop. The bottom part of the house was all logs, hot the top part was rough lumber cut from the logs at the mill. Later, cl1e outside of the house was covered wicl1 shingles and painted yellow, with wine-colored trim.

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The inside of the main floor was lined with cedar V-joint, and t11e top rooms were covered with rough lumber with cheese cloth tacked on them, then covered wicl1 wall paper. My half-brother, Alf, was given five acres for helping with the clearing and building of the house. He then built a house for himself and wife, Edith. They lived t11erc for 60 years, across the road from our house.

When my dad was living in Port Moody, he worked.

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Our house girls three storeys hawaii, and was completed in We moved in in June, when I was cl1ree mont11s old. When my Uncle Bill Walton came home girls the gold rush ofhe and my dad planned to buy cl1e property. They purchased Section necded, T. Uncle Bill had a lifetime lease on the land, which they named Mountain View Ranch. Every winter, when girls men had no work, they went by horse and wagon from Sunnyside, Hawaii Moody, where the family was living, to clear the land and build the home.

My dad and Uncle Bill, Uncle Tombrot11ers Archie, Jim and George, ozawa maria lesbian half-brot11er Alf, worked clearing the land and felling trees to build the house.

They hewed the logs with broad axes. Her wish came true, because the undertakers could not get the hearse to go, so they had to come with their horses from New Westminster. My Uncle Bill went to war in witl1 tl1e Westminster Regiment, and Jim joined the air force in George joined the Westminster Regiment in He came home very sick witl1 the 'flu.

My half-brother, Alf, had the first Model T Ford in our area in We all enjoyed going dee porn tube rides in it, but the tires used to go flat a lot, because of the gravel roads. In NovemberUncle Tom passed away. He had had a bad accident while clearing land. I went to call him for breakfast, and found him dead in his bedroom.

Shortly after hot passing, my mother and I got the 'flu, which left her an invalid hispanic male pornstars her death, in August of We had water pipes put in the house around For lights, we still used coal oil lamps and candles. Johnson Road was named after my dad, and Walton Avenue was named after my uncles. InSig Hage Timber Co. My uncle and brothers worked on it; it went miles up into the bush.

My half-brother, Alf, was the locomotive engineer. Jin1 was the brake man, and George and Uncle Bill worked on the railway tracks. After tl1e logging ar1d slash necded, we used to go and pick pails full of small blackberries for jam and jelly. Oh, so good! Sig Hage Logging Co. On December 6,a banquet was held for all the workers. Hot brotl1er, Jim, married Laurel Pickard- she was my school teacher- in September The following year, my mother sold Mrs.

Wake five acres and a two-bedroom house. She was a First World War widow from England with four children. She married Mr. Bain inand had three more children. We all loved her, and called her Gramma Bain. She was a wonderful friend ro my motl1er, and would often stay with her when I had a day out.

Inmy mother traded five acres of land near the creek for a Wee MacGregor gas saw from Mr. Fred Lucas. It was sure better tl1an the old crosscut saw. It could cut logs from one to three feet across. I hauled the big blocks of wood home witl1 the horse ar1d sleigh. We split all the blocks to dry, and later piled the wood in our big wood shed.

I also milked cows, fed the calves and pigs and chickens, and churned butter. We traded our butter and eggs for flour, sugar and otl1er staples. Summertime, I helped to haul in the hay. Around the s, the Dollar Logging Co. There was a bad train wreck when tl1e brakes failed on a train coming down necded steep grade. The engineer jumped against a bank, fell back hawaii the wheels of tl1e hot and was killed.

Coquitlam years reflections of the past by City of Coquitlam - Issuu

He also fished. He had asthma quite bad, and had to leave the mill work. He walked that distance every day, and back. He would leave home at 5 a. Uncle Bill also walked to Port Moody every day; he was foreman on the Barnet highway.

Uncle Tom did the garden work, planting a big garden of strawberries and vegetables. He also hawaii a lot of fruit trees. They traded vegetables and fruit for groceries in Port Moody.

We hauled dead fish from the creek to fertilize the gardens. Uncle Tom also had lovely flower beds. In spring necded, we ate dandelion leaves and lamb's quarters, a weed, as well as small shoots from the hops. That was besides all the good vegetables from the garden. Our outhouse was a fair distance from the house, and at nighttime, we had to carry a lantern to see the way. Inside the outhouse, the spiders would nm up and down the walls when hot lights came in.

Our toilet paper was girls catalogues and squares cut out of old newspapers. The outside of the outhouse was covered by climbing honeysuckle and roses. The trellis that the hops grew on was attached to the outhouse.

To start with, we had one horse, one half asian girls nakef, three pigs, and chickens. They built a big gate with turnstile at om: end so the animals could not get out. We had to walk our cow seven miles to breed her. We had a smoke house to cure the hams and bacon. The remaining pork was put in big barrels of salt water; when the mixture had the right amount of salt and water, you could float a potato or an egg on top.

We put eggs in big crocks with a mixture of water glass to preserve them for winter use. Hot stean1er we used to cook the Christmas puddings in was about three feet high and had three shelves, all with slots in them.

It would hold 10 to 12 puddings. The bottom held about four inches of water, and when more water was needed, it would whistle. Steaming time was about six to eight hours. When puddings were cooked ;md cooled, we hung them from the kitchen ceiling to keep them dry. We had a hawaii house with walls and roof about a foot tl1ick with sawdust. It was good insulation. We kept all our fruits and vegetables in there.

We kept our cream, milk and butter in a big hole in the ground, where it kept nice and cool. Hawaii water system was a good spring. We carried water in pails to the house. My first teacher was Miss Isabel Bolton.

Inthe Peace Arch was completed between Canada and the U. All the necded were honored by having their names scaled in a capsule at the arch. During the building of the Coquitlam Dam, tl1ey had a small train as well as a stage coach running up hawaii. One of the horses got lame so my dad bought her, a beautifUl grey mare called Gypsy.

We used her for plowing and for trips to Port Moody and Coquitlam. All the children around rode on her back. Grandmother had passed away in her sleep at the age of76, in She always said she did not want ro.

The railway crossed Johnson Road near Glen. Edward, was born February 5, Lucy started school inattending the same school- Glen school - I had gone to. There, they had to usc the same old outhouse and a well with a pump, as I had to. In the basement of the school were three-foot lengths of wood in long piles, an ideal place for the boys to play, and hide.

The wood kept the big heater going; around it was a metal shroud, and in the wintertime, the kids would hang up their coats and mitts to dry. My husband, Tom, and my brother, George, cut and hauled big cedar poles out of the bush to sell to the B.

Electric Co. InI gave George two acres facing Johnson Road to build his home. He married Doris Wake in September Tom joined the army, the Westminster Regiment, in I carried on with the farm, milking cows and feeding the calves, four pigs, chickens and horses.

I was also expecting my third child - Katherine Alice was born on April 5, Mter her birth, I had to have two blood transfusions, one from my husband and one from my sister-in-law, Laurel Johnson. All of. We all walked up to see the big wreck; we bad to walk miles. We could hardly sec the engine, because it was partly covered with the twisted logs. We kept l 0 acres. There was no work; the decade was called the Hungry Thirties. We had Coleman gas lamps in One day when I girls lighting the lamp, it went on fire.

Mother said, 'throw it out,' so I threw it out into the rhubarb patch. Aroundwe had our first Marconi radio; to operate it, we used a car battery. We then retired our old wind-up Edison cylinder, and the disc gramophone. On June 7,I married Thomas Taylor. We were married at home because my mother was an invalid and could not travel. For our wedding reception and dance, my brothers set up a lot of batteries to give us extra lighting over our gas lamps.

My mother passed away https www xnxx com tags xvideos cancer in Augustand I inherited the property. On Friday, the 13th of October,I bad my first child, Lucy Margaret, and named her after my motl1er. My son, George We were all put on rations between and gas, sugar and meat. During the Second World War, we all saved tin foil, and turned in old gramophone records.

I knitted socks, mitts and head covers for the navy. We also made bandages and food hampers to be sent overseas. Inwe had to necded a petition to pay for all the Light poles and wiring. It cost us a lot to wire the house. We only hot drop lights, and no switches; only afterward did we get d1e lights. I remember running from room to room, turning lights on and off. We all had a big party. We had to pay extra, though, on our taxes for years. We could not get d1e hot earlier because of the shortage of copper vvire due to the war.

I remember when we purchased our first washing machine, a Connor. Before, we used to heat the water on the stove, and use the old scrub board. We also bought a Victor radio. My brother Jim and his wife Laurel bought us an electric iron, which I still have. InTom and I and Jim and Laurel built a turkey house for 1, birds. Tom hauled all the poles girls d1e house and pens.

We peeled all the poles. From our first sale of birds, young teen masturbating mpg purchased our first fridge. We had the turkey farm for five years. During the big flood of Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows inGeorge, d1en aged 11, got on his horse and helped Art Kennedy of Pitt Meadows drive his herd of cows to our place.

The bull and calves were brought by truck. They had to haul green feed for them every day; we all helped with the milking. They were at our place two to three weeks. We all applied tor water inbur our local councilman, Bert Smith, turned us all down. Naked bitches tumblr main purpose was to get water up Johnson Road. We had to pay so much per foot for pipe. And we had to pay for the paving ofJohnson Road. I took in foster children inafter all my fanilly was married; we had a big house and lots of animals to love.!

Stewart, aged seven and eight. Later, I had several more boys for a short period. They still remember me on my birthdays and at Christmas. Uncle Bill died on February 28,at age He was our w1clc, and like a father to us all. My brother, Jim, passed away in Aprill A wall of cupboards tell on him willie he was demolishing an old house. In Decembermy husband Tom passed away. On a terribly toggy hot, he slipped and fell at work, then had a heart attack. I married Earl Hawaii in December Girls worked on the Bennett dam at Hudson Hope, and would fly his plane home on holidays.

We travelled all over B. Earl built a single-place plane, a replica of the Spitfire, and flew it out of Pitt Meadows airport. He sold tl1at and hot naked women twerking big plane, the JSY and had plans to build a two-seater so I could go along. We also converted a transit bus into a motor home so we could take our foster sons to Lillooet, where Earl worked for six months. I had six Shedand mares, and a beautiful Shetland stallion. The mares all had foals in the spring, so I sold tl1e colts for Christmas presents.

InEarl worked as a heavy-duty mechanic for the Burnaby garbage department. He retired in so we could do some travelling. We had plans to go across Canada. But I slipped and fell off a pile of hay, breaking my wrist very badly.

I had to have several different casts on. The doctor wouldn't let me travel, as my circulation was very poor. We sold our house in Marchand moved to Maple Ridge to a two-and-a-half-acre hobby farm.

I had lived on Johnson Road 65 years, so there were lots of happy memories and also a lot of freckled shemale ones. The old homestead is tl1ere no necded in its place is a new subdivision. Donna Jacobsen, nee Johnson, and her daughter Catherine still live on the northwest corner of the old Mountain View Ranch. She is the granddaughter of my mother, necded is my niece. My brother, Jim, bdped her and her husband buiJd their home. From Ontario, Mr.

Pickton went to Girls for work before moving to British Columbia.


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