beastialzoo 5S, it was replaced by the iPhone SE which outwardly appears almost identical to the 5S even as the SE's internal hardware has been upgraded significantly. Wow, you're angry." />

Guys with iphones

Girls with iPhones is a million times better.

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I thought we were done being fark. Until they have farm yard superspoe with iphones I remain nonplussed posted by mattoxic at PM on April 23, [ 1 favorite ].

Slightly related: The 20 Male Poses of Facebook. Are we seriously ten comments into this thing without a bucket of cocks joke?

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Oh come on. If I wanted bad self portraits and lots of frat boy penises I could just go to Casual Encounters on Craigslist. Where are the hot chicks with iphones? Metafilter is becoming a metaphor for the fishing industry.

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The lady will have two tickets to the gun show. I mean the cock show. Wait, now I understand gun shows. I'll be in my bunk. Also: I fully support the occasional MetaFilter wang post. Are you kidding, there are at least twenty-seven pages of photos! Ho hum. Straight from the pages of Passion.

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Did I say with It iphones my understanding that iPhone pictures are sometimes embedded with GPS data, which are sometimes used to torment the subjects of said pictures. This is totally suitable for wanking. There MUST be an iphone grifter out there, somewhere. Mutt at PM on April 23, How dare ya'll treat me as a piece of meat now that I'm married. Goodbye anonymity. Crowley at PM on April 23, This disappoints me. This also disappoints me for a very different reason.

Blink tags are not acceptable at my workplace. Please stop that. Also, stop reading MeFi at work if you're supposed to be working, jeez. I could use a stiff pdp post myself. Looks like every police arrest teen porn dick in town has one of these phones now. Where are all the pics of the skinny dudes?! Looks like we caught a few dozen cockfish as well.

Forgive me for not having an iPhone or any friends with iPhones, but what makes it obvious that these photos are from iPhones and not some other camera phone? So, like, iphones I the guys one wondering about the privacy issues here?

Probably all submitted by strangers who see the pics at Craigslist or some relatively public site, I know, but I can't help thinking there's a big difference between 1 posting a nude pic of yourself for a night at the Craigslist of a city you're visiting and 2 seeing said pic permanently displayed on a non-regional site like that one after someone you don't know sends it in.

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guys with iphones best celeb vagina pics The iPhone 5S stylized and marketed as iPhone 5s is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the seventh generation of the iPhonesucceeding the iPhone 5. The device was unveiled on September 10,at Apple's Cupertino headquarters. It was released on September 20,alongside its lower-cost counterpart, the iPhone 5C. The 5S has vastly upgraded internal hardware, however. It introduced the A7 bit dual-core system-on-chip, the first bit processor to be used on a smartphone, accompanied by the M7 "motion co-processor".
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