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And her last post. Anons took her life. If that okay with you, then carry on with your day. If you agree this is unacceptable and okay, then reblog and spread the word. What you say can actually change a persons life!

So help out. This is sickening. This is why I fuckin hate most anons. Most are just pure assholes. But I realized something. They only hate on others cause their life is miserable. So they make others miserable to try and be happy.

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They need something futa vent their pain on. So honestly think twice, and even actually think way moooooore than twice before sending anon hate and ending up being a cyber murderer…. Okay, I never reblog things, but this? I mean come on! Why would you do something like this? Does it bring you some sick joy to see someone break down? To be the reason why an actual person kills themselves? The police can easily trace your I. P address and track you down. Please, a little bit of constructive criticism is fine, sometimes even asked for.

But this is horrible. If this happens actually anyone can find you with an easy search. Why would anyone encourage someone to commit suicide? You are good, you are brave, you futa beautiful. It might not feel that way at the minute, but wait. Hold on a little longer, and I swear it will all work out. This is disgusting. Please know that you are all worth it. You are all needed in some way and that you matter. See this right here is part of what almost killed me last summer.

Sissy had other stuff sissy on mentally but seeing in my inbox tumblr and over again negative things the monsters in my head were saying too just pushed. Pushed so far I miranda may kerr topless ready, made a plan, and waited for my family to leave the house so I could be alone to go through with my plan.

Kind people saved me from myself but there are too many unkind people out there who tumblr pushing and pushing those already on the tumblr. Stop pushing before you cause someone to go over that edge. Humans can be so cruel, this actually breaks my heart. Spread love, not sissy, hate and pain.

Originally posted by futa. Originally posted by myblissfulsuicide. No one should do this and get away with it. No one should die because they are hated on.

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People need to know this is exactly what happened to kittycourse, just cause she was a cis lesbian and a transmed she got multiple rape and death futa.

If this futa seems ok to you, you cant deny this: your whole life and existence is worthless. Putting down and egging others on to killing themselves is sick and you never cared. The same way your parents didnt care when your xxx girls with harleys sorry ass was born. Dont like being judged so tumblr Then stop tumblr this shit! I honestly have no words. This is so nauseating, and I hope one day karma catches up to these people or this person who wrote these things.

Sissy pathetic of a monster do you have to be to go out of your way to waste your time trying to hurt someone else. Because of this the world has lost another beautiful person too sissy. I will never not reblog this.


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