27 Replies to “Wife Blindfolded for Friend”

  1. garyandrhoda says:

    I Love young black Pussy

  2. elflegolas says:

    Your grandmother in law just came in your guest room

  3. basrutten19 says:

    I would Skip My school for this to, somebody fuck me im so horny

  4. baja says:


  5. theaec says:

    p.s. his dick is like a jap's

  6. Mrwashey says:

    sexy jaden

  7. Jeff17 says:

    The quintessential ass.

  8. jphilippa says:

    That is just what my stepdaughter used to do.

  9. Waelsydney says:

    She basically rap(e)d this guy imo

  10. latzy says:

    Hi. I just added my photos to pornhub. I wanna do a strip video (but i need ideas) and I want to send females who comment on this my fully nude photos with face

  11. jan58 says:

    This isnt porn this is art.

  12. vivian_wwm says:

    Is it just me or is kissing usually super rare in these sub videos

  13. salsun says:

    Vagina farts

  14. dogmom_1968 says:

    Too bad this cameraguy did all the wrong shots, like close ups on the guys knees and other closeups off parts I didn't want closeups on. Couldn't he just get the both of them in 1 shot and stick with that? My screen is big enough for me to decide for myself what I want to see more close, I don't need the cameraguy to make that decision for me ;( Otherwise this would have been a great scene!

  15. bebang9 says:

    Watch me fuck my uncle in this video

  16. Blind7125 says:

    good fuck yeah

  17. Elaine says:

    Don't shower alone shower with fourgirlfriends amd all will have great orgasms.

  18. wolfboy101 says:

    Anyone wanna talk hit me up

  19. ahmedyh says:

    hey, nach der schule mach ich mir immer ein video von dir an und spritz immer drauf ab also mein abo hast du ;P

  20. f0rst says:

    comes those time when i havet had sex or fapt for some time. lol and wow i suprice my self some times. the umount of cum. the fealing of cuming makes me whana push my couk deap inside a babe and fill her up

  21. Azza75 says:

    Very few men are good enough or get the chance to do this sort of thing. I think if the truth be known 5 percent of men get 95 percent of the woman out there while the rest of us are lucky to get it a few times in our lives! For instance I am still a virgin and I am in my 50th year somehow I think my chances of getting my end away are slim at best.

  22. charsta says:

    try it lol

  23. toliolii says:

    I'd eat that pussy lick and kiss until she cums several times. She ruins the moment by giggling. Kind of feels you're with a little girl

  24. sueandmarkp says:

    awesome!i loved it!

  25. reanimatordm says:

    She's Asian and she teaches French. I'm not even wearing pants and I got it.

  26. neta1 says:

    Me encanto tambien muchas gracias por ensenar tu hermosa cara y tu exquisito cuerpo cuidate mucho princesa

  27. Elaine says:

    better than pinky's ass.

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