Wifes fantasy become real

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14 Replies to “Wifes fantasy become real”

  1. mcb46port says:

    i'd love to do her love

  2. ChristopherM says:

    cute couple. nice bodies and nice ass girlie

  3. tirthankar says:

    Dude that was dope and funny as fuck

  4. DRessa says:

    Love 17:52 - 17:59 where we finally see her cute face

  5. loiscuevas says:


  6. Elaine says:


  7. Eroica11 says:

    this guy Is so lucky he fucks all the chicks and keeps Kelly to himself...I want to see his wife get fucked by a bbc

  8. md678685 says:

    Now that's how you properly use a slut!

  9. ucokzeko says:

    This could have been a really good video... could have.

  10. effe says:

    .....where do you think squirt comes from? It's fluid that builds up in the bladder, and comes out the urethra, technically - that's pee. But when it's in the middle of getting fucked, it's squirt. Have you ever tried to take a piss mid orgasm? Good luck.

  11. cbl says:

    Where can I find the link to the scene beginning at 5:05?

  12. loveangelbg says:

    This might work for some couples but for me step 4 would RUIN sex for me. I wouldn't be able to get there afterwards and would feel like my time was wasted and sex was pointless. Also Step 5 would turn me off. I usually get there from hearing & feeling my partner get there, the above steps ^ disrupt that flow, thus preventing my orgasm. This is also why our sex usually only lasts 5 - 10 minutes IRL. We both get there that quick.

  13. martyflan says:

    No wonder she's screaming he fucking her butthole

  14. Spikysmoothness says:

    yeah lol

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