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22 Replies to “un nuevo video de la putita”

  1. sudiptomitra says:

    Whats the blue light on the wall? I want one

  2. kirsylynn says:

    So did Master Chief endorse this video?

  3. ESJ says:


  4. marciafallon48 says:

    nice faical... hot babe

  5. NittanyVol says:

    ain't so bad, but i'm doing it way better

  6. bethantal says:

    this entire channel is fucking depressing.

  7. xomegzxo4 says:

    I've watched every Family Strokes clip and this is just about my favorite one. The cum glaze on Riley's chin would really enhance the family photo for sure.

  8. mikedouglas69 says:

    Yea fam you right cause I know Her too very well

  9. larsw says:

    Add me on xbox at 'Inspire Amigos' to play some Black ops 2/3, older or younger i don't care, to join me say 'I came from Pornhub'

  10. katlac says:

    I take my shirt off in Infinity War.

  11. cruicker says:

    Definitely a great transition. Who needs college anyway when you look like that? lmao

  12. bk2000c says:

    This is not a man..

  13. asiftax says:

    great ahegao face

  14. santimonto says:

    Her nipple is bigger than Donald Trumps ego

  15. earlyt766 says:

    Much smaller and it wouldn't have been

  16. willace says:


  17. Oragami says:

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  18. drdasbiplab says:

    I wish I knew a guy with a big one

  19. steven.seleb says:

    Three lust-filled maidens satisfying their sapphic cravings, feeling the bliss of giving & receiving cunnilingus. And one lucky gal, at the 8:22 mark, gets her butthole and pussy licked at the same time by her two buddies. Then two girls mash very wet pussies together for a stimulating trib. And still the pussy licking is not done, as one girl gifts another girl with a face-sit, whereupon she gamely laps away.

  20. tallaottie says:

    Any more? Love the title btw.

  21. niswonp says:

    Well, sex is science. Technically.

  22. mayday says:

    So fucking nice... I think I might have to cum to this one!

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