Tasty Chinese Amateur Shorts Compilation 04

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36 Replies to “Tasty Chinese Amateur Shorts Compilation 04”

  1. AlfredE says:

    I'm sorry but your wrong I disagree. Look I prefer thick women with natural big breast. But from a male point of view large fame breast are a huge turn on. These three girls are the best at there game and they might be bigger enhance than most but I love that! These girls have great bodies and there doctors should be proud of the great work!

  2. vee241130 says:

    The Krusty Crab pizza is the pizza for you and me !

  3. mel20 says:

    anyone know who the blonde at 3.49 is and what scene?

  4. funboymo says:

    I am a fan of you and Rae you should do a 3 sum video together.

  5. kotu says:

    Somebody get that poor girl a Gatorade

  6. icielly says:

    Girl, you destroyed me with this one! I had to own it!

  7. iseehk says:

    Armpit hair. Nope

  8. Ollie82 says:

    Anybody else wondering who Chelsea is?

  9. sepikoski says:

    Is she chewing gum the whole time?

  10. 2012crema says:

    Wow! She has an AMAZING body ?

  11. Matoula says:

    This video always gets me wet, I wanna be fucked like that by an older guy, fuck my wet pussy

  12. stevie4110 says:

    Lol, even look at the name "maryjane_18". NO cannabis reference at all xD K, gotta lite sum pipe.

  13. carl.leigh.des says:

    Love seeing this little white slut taking a nice big black cock.

  14. sanjalica says:

    love  the music but i feel daed inside good by going sleep

  15. SpecterTH says:

    Man I love this girl... lucky lucky girl

  16. 12imthedude says:

    Damn I really need to be used like this and put in porn

  17. skypedout says:

    @ font2100- dani daniels ? like what 10 years ago ? i can see it in her face ! so if it is her she HAS PLUMPED

  18. nylema says:

    Unfortunately male genital mutilation is common and accepted in america.

  19. miwari1234 says:

    Communist target acquired

  20. dalgaard84 says:

    So she likes older guys!!! Nice!!!

  21. Sl1cky says:

    Jesus Christ that was a massive fucking load. That shit would take me like a full day to work up. goddamn

  22. NormanM says:

    no thanks

  23. jhgarrison says:

    you got a lot of dick young man

  24. tbraxton says:

    You can wager that if it's a porn video, there's full consent and a whole lot of waivers signed.

  25. Seki says:

    Me too

  26. barbaramaillet says:

    What is the name of daughter ?

  27. tulita1956 says:

    I guess money can buy it

  28. alextepes says:

    "Go Away Tyler"

  29. rybull says:

    Damn, all I have to say is that CarryLight has the sexiest little flower I have ever seen! Not to mention, she's drop dead gorgeous and has a hot ass to go on top of that. Her man is extremely lucky to be piping that every day!

  30. robossian says:

    Country girl (cough Kacey Quinn cough) who does more interracial scenes than non interracial. Lmao

  31. iAndy says:

    in india, generally we dont marry the person we love but we marry, fuck and then try to love

  32. Love-Dove says:

    4:28 is one of the best twerks on dick moments

  33. jshergold says:

    she is hot

  34. badbrown says:

    blast worthy

  35. musicismysoul86 says:

    Shes a keeper

  36. jbirdmelodie says:

    Nice boobs )

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